I'm Maureen the lady behind Poppenliefde.
My love for dolls started at a very young age. My grandma collected porcelain dolls and I was always mesmerized by all the dolls when we visited her. She learned me how to crochet. She was a wonderful crocheter (do you say it like that?). She could crochet anything. I still have her crocheted potholders and I use them everyday.

After I finished school I went to the Fashion Academy and after graduation I started to work as a fashion stylist. I loved the work but the fashion world didn't suit me and I decided to quit this job.
Then my big search started. I started a veterinary assistent study, worked at a flight school as an administrator and finally worked in my husbands business. In the meantime I made little snuggle dolls for my friends babies as a gift and practiced making waldorf dolls. 
I loved making the dolls and after some years of practice I decided to follow my heart. Making dolls professionally.

So eventually I came back at where I started. My love for dolls, designing (doll) clothes and sewing.
I learned to sew and a bit of pattern making at school, but I'm not a seamstress. I learn every day and still make (sewing) mistakes every day.